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VGWC Friendship Tree Program

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With the onset of the virus, we had to change.  Fortunately, the Women’s Club is no stranger to change and welcomes the challenge.  The best brains of the group came together to determine how best to “stay together while being apart”, and voila, The Friendship Trees.  Our Members enjoy the social opportunities that come from fellowship and a common set of goals. Organized luncheons and meetings, performance events, field trips, and general fun for both the Friendship Tree Branches and the Club Membership overall is planned for 2021-2022.

Branch Leader Training - Jan 2022

Sparkle Berry Field Trip

The Sparkleberry Friendship Branch went to E.F.G. Orchids to make either a dish or fairy garden.  The owner, George, explained which plants were the best to use in our containers.  His passion is evident and his patience with this amateur group impeccable.  And then, off to lunch we went to the Airport Gin Mill.  A wonderful day with our group.

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About the VGWC Friendship Tree

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